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1941 Madison Motors 250 Sedan Rear by Pixel-pencil 1941 Madison Motors 250 Sedan Rear by Pixel-pencil
"Madison Motors was a automobile company born in Detroit by Gerald & Mason Madison in 1932, at first they built solely replacement parts for other car companies, but it really kicked off once they purchased the Jennison Glass Co. Warehouse on a very low price (some say the price was because of a lucky hand in Poker with the original owner). The Madison boys then hired a few close friends and started making actual automobiles in 1938, starting with the Madison Motors 120 wagon, with only 3,000 produced. The same year they also made the Madison Motors 120 coupe, and was based upon the same chassis, with 2,500 produced. The Madison Motors 250 Sedan was their most popular Vehicle, with an amazing 40,000 vehicles produced due to the purchase of the Huchinson Ford Plant on the Detroit river. This vehicle was the company's last car, although the company was doing well, the large automobile companies (Ford and General Motors) did not approve of a automobile company making vehicles and almost owning a monopoly upon the automotive market while all the other companies were producing war supplies. So Ford filed a law suit, (GM agreed with Ford in this decision, and ended being about 1/2 the pushing power behind the execution of the Madison Motors Company). This file reached the supreme court, and it was decided that Madison Motors was to become a B-25 Engine plant, and this came into play in 1943, and Madison Motors did such until 1945, when the war ended. Unfortunately, once the war ended and re-tooling was being in-acted, they had not prepared any new models (out of seeing the war last longer than it did), so when World War II quickly ended, other companies (such as Oldsmobile) had already created new models for when the war ended, and this threw Madison Motors under the bus, which led them to making the Madison Motors 300 Coupe, a car that was obsolete when it came off the production line. This sent Madison Motors into a back-spiral, and was unable to recover, which ultimately led them to closing in winter of 1946."

This stock options for this vehicle is and 80 HorsePower Red Tempest 4 cylinder engine, a Beckem AM Radio and a Standard Transmission.

The car is a blend between the new style of the early 40's, (primarily in the front end) and the style of the the late 30's is found in the "Briefcase Bump" on the back.

Thanks for reading this far! As a gift, I'll let you in on a secret: I made all this up. :)

Enjoy! :D
aconnoll Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work!
ThreeDManiak Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible! :D Nice work!
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